Hypermodern International Congress 2175

Remember, it wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.


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To all those fiends who wish to stain the name of primordial thought with the rhetoric of controlled opposition:

Your time has come. You have cast yourselves as homo sacer, marked to forever wander this world in agony.
Crude concepts of political dominance and the so-called "elite" are played out, niggaz. Same old kommand and kontrol bullshit.

Can you feel the sting of the mass movement of repatriation?

Jah live.

"The preaching is over, what's your actions to this ?
So land up inna them land, nothing you have accomplished
Them inna them computer age, children beware of it
Because everything, everything becomes cybernetic
Repatriation, we endeavour, we'll all make it
Too much inna Babylon, that is too much for your kit
Computer is them world, them number is six six six
That's the mark of the beast, look out for micro-chip."
-Sizzla, "Mental Chains"

Don't date him girl!

Found this little gem today. You can post profiles and pictures of the various men in your life who have cheated on you or made sexual advances towards your friend/daughter/son/cat/dog.
A highlight:
Edward "Levoe or LT or DL" TillmanName: Edward L. Tillman
Race: Black
Ht: 5' 9"
Wt: 240
Age: 35
Location: Charlotte, NC & Atlanta, GA

'Ladies, allow me to introduce you to Edward L. (Levoe) Tillman, born 7/9/70 in Atlanta, GA, now living Charlotte, NC. This man is a true bisexual playa on the DL who was married to a friend of mine for a period of time.'
'He had this one online profile on something for fat gay guys called bears. His profile said “Masculine, muscular former Marine blk man loves to pound white bottom bears into submission.” She overheard him talking to his ex white boyfriend on the phone! She started crying when she told me that. I think she had also found some pictures of him having sex with men, but she never did show me that.'
'He came off as someone so loving, giving and charming. He was a Deacon in his church!! (University Hills...by the way...LOL wouldn't they all love to know about this!) Only goes to church because he thinks it will help him socially and in his work.'
'Remember that name Edward L. Tillman. Study that face girl. It’s trouble.'

Guess wut Eddie? j3w just got 0wn3d by the internet, buddy.

Thanks to Pablo.

Bob Knight


Poetically, man dwells upon the earth

Eastern China: "a dwelling place of the gods"

(A mirage appears off the shore of Penglai City in eastern China's Shandong Province on Sunday, May 7, 2005. Photo: China Photo Press)

Thousands of tourists and local residents witnessed a mirage of high clarity lasting for four hours off the shore of Penglai City in east China's Shandong Province on Sunday.

Mists rising on the shore created an image of a city, with modern high-rise buildings, broad city streets and bustling cars as well as crowds of people all clearly visible.

The city of Penglai had been soaked by two days of rain before the rare weather phenomenon occurred.

The mirage took place during the week-long Labor Day holiday. The small city received over 30,000 tourists on Sunday.

Experts said that many mirages have been recorded in Penglai, on the tip of Shandong Peninsula, throughout history, which made it known as a dwelling place of the gods.

They explained that a mirage is formed when moisture in the air becomes warmer than the temperature of sea water, which refracts rays of sunlight to create reflections of the landscape in the sky.

THC Addendum:

In these times let us recall the words of Holderlin, who speaks much of dwelling and to whom being and thinking are one in the same.

Once gods walked among humans,
The splendid Muses and youthful Apollo
Inspired and healed us, just like you.
And you are to me as if one of the Holy Ones
Had sent me forth into life, and the image
Of my beloved goes with me,
And wherever I stay and whatever I learn,
I learned and gained it from her,
With a love that lasts until death.

Then let us live, you with whom I suffer
And inwardly strive towards better times
In faith and loyalty. For we are the ones.
And if people should remember us both
In years to come, when Spirit again prevails,
They'd say that these lonely ones lovingly
Created a secret world, known to the gods alone.
The earth will take back those concerned
With impermanent things: others climb higher
To ethereal Light who've been faithful
To the love inside themselves, and to the spirit
Of the gods. Thus they master Fate
In patience, hope and quietness.

Jimmy Smith to Retire

The last link to the Jaguars' inaugural season has called it quits. Jimmy Smith, arguably the greatest player in Jaguars history, will announce his retirement at one o'clock this afternoon in a press conference at Alltel Stadium.

Smith spoke to reporters at the start of the Jaguars' offseason conditioning program a few weeks ago and talked of looking forward to the 2006 season. Today, he'll give his reasons for coming to a sudden and surprising decision to retire.

Farewell, Jimmy. We will miss you!


Introducing DJ Besho (Part of THC's "Wattafag" Series)


Introducing DJ Besho!! Afghanistan's new rap sensation! Who payed for all of this?

Watch the video!


Net Neutrality Redux

The issue dumbed down for the kids, dr. seuss style. (courtesy of David Isenberg, minorly edited by Annimal)

When Ed Whitacre, the head of AT&T,
says,"They're not going to use my pipes for free"
he's not talking about Them, he's talking about Me.
He's talking about Us, it should be plain to see.

When Whitaker says "free" he's not talking about beer.
It's our Freedom of Speech that's at stake here.
Whitaker wants to privatize our right to express.
And he's even got some laws in front of the US Congress,
Bad laws. Laws that would make everybody with a public hotspot register with the FCC.
Laws that would let the telephone companies discriminate
Information that is dangerous from info that is safe
But who are they to decide?The Free Internet gives *us* that right.
Now the law has a flaw, or so they say
So the telcos send our data to NSAAs
if we're all Osama and we might get away

Freedom to connect, it’s like every other right.
We’ve got to fight,
Or they’ll come and take it from us in the middle of the night.

The Bells want to split the Net in two,
Keep one part the same and give it to you.
A sliver of bandwidth that stays the same,
Even as Moore’s Law continues to change the game,
Until “our Internet” is a rutted dirt road,
And their piece is a turnpike with heavy, heavy tolls.

Google and Yahoo and Microsoft and Skype,
They’re already successful, they can make deals for those pipes.
But when I want to publish stuff in my blog
It will not be OK for you to once again pay.
We already pay for our Internet connection.
We don’t need to subsidize a dying industry’s obsession!
If looking at my blog cost you an extra dime
You’d probably find another way to spend your time.

More importantly, when you hackers field a fragile new app
You don’t want it blocked by Ed Whitacre’s crap,
Cause when Whitacre says, “They’re not going to use my pipes for free”
He’s not talking about Them, he’s talking about Me.
He’s talking about Us, that should be plain to see.

Freedom to connect,
t’s like every other right.
We’ve got to fight,
Or they’ll come and take it from us in the middle of the night.

Internet freedom is Freedom of Speech.
You don’t need it if you’re just engaging in pleasantries.
But you do if you want an educated pesantry.
If kleptocrats are stealing, it’s important to know it.
If the mendocrats are lying it’s important to show it.
If you’ve got a whistle, you can’t ask their permission to blow it.

Today Information is struggling to be free
So we can protect what’s left of Democracy.
Us little guys, we’ve got pieces of information
About who’s been holding back our once-and-future nation
From broadband penetration.
This information will never be on TV
Another reason the Internet has to be free.

When you sit there at your keyboard
and you struggle with the bugs,
You know creation is a process
not much different than love.
It is fragile as a flower in the morning dew
So you don’t want big brother fucking with you.

If they fuck with you,
you’ve gotta stand up and say.
Give me a Fat Pipe, Always On, Get Out of the Way.
The author of this saying is our own Tim Bray.
Fat Pipe, Always On, Get Out of the Way.


V-E Day: A Commemoration

As May 8, 2006 draws to a close, we would do well to remember that today marked the 61st anniversary of V-E Day--the end of the second civil war within Western civilization and perhaps the most important moment of the 20th century. In the spirit of hypermodernity, let us celebrate not with excerpts of Churchill or Truman's victory speeches, but rather with a brief lesson about an old standard of historical paranoia: the German chemical conglomerate I.G. Farben. The Encylopedia Britannica entry....


Hey, they used tens of thousands of Jews and other prisoners of the Nazis as slave labor; supplied the Nazis with Zyklon B, the insecticide used in the gas chambers; manufactured the vast majority of materials like rubber, synthetic oil, etc. necessary for the German war effort; and tested drugs on concentration camp prisoners, but let's not be too hasty--we don't really want to
liquidate them, do we? Wouldn't that run contrary to the geist of the Marshall Plan?

(Incidentally, the blackguards at wikipedia have noted that L. Ron Hubbard reserved harsh words for IG Farben in his "Mission Earth" decalogy, for reasons that scientology-watchers won't find difficult to guess.)

Greatest Dialectical Moments in Hypermodern History Part One: BEST and WORST - c. 2000-2006


Bush says catching fish is his best moment as President so far

Reuters | May 8 2006

U.S. President George W. Bush told a German newspaper his best moment in more than five years in office was catching a big perch in his own lake.

"You know, I've experienced many great moments and it's hard to name the best," Bush told weekly Bild am Sonntag when asked about his high point since becoming president in January 2001.

"I would say the best moment of all was when I caught a 7.5 pound (3.402 kilos) perch in my lake," he told the newspaper in an interview published on Sunday.

Bush said the worst moment was September 11 when hijacked planes crashed into the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon in Washington.


"In such a situation it takes a while before one understands what is happening," Bush said. "I would say that this was the hardest moment, once I had the real picture before my eyes."

Because Bild could not immediately furnish English quotes, Bush's comments were translated from the German. The paper said the White House planned to release an authorised English version of the interview on Monday.


Porter Goss "Just One of Those Mysteries..."

Porter Goss is late, he's late, he's late for an important date...

Porter Goss, one of the last of the Dulles era CIA generation, stepped down abruptly last Friday. A native of Waterbury Connecticut, Goss went on to Yale where he majored in the study of Ancient Greek. Goss is generally accepted to have been a leading member of The Book and the Snake Society, a secret society as old as Skull and Bones but "more progressive". Also, members during his Book and Snake tenure were "Uncle Bucky" Bush and Intel big-wig John Negropante. In his junior year at Yale he was recruited by the CIA.

The Book and the Snake Society picture including "Uncle Bucky" Bush, Porter Goss and John Negropante.A close-up of "Uncle Bucky" Bush and Porter Goss from the same picture

For the next 15 years he would work for the Directorate of Operations, primarily in the Carribean and Latin America. On 4th March, 1960, La Coubre, a ship flying a Belgian flag, exploded in Havana Bay. It was loaded with arms and ammunition for Castro. The explosion killed 75 people and over 200 were injured. Fabian Escalante, a G-2 agent at the State Department would later claim this was the first action of a new CIA task force called "Operation 40." 40 stood for 40 agents (although it was quickly expanded to 70) and began as a Latin American sabotage and infiltration team, but quickly evolved into an elite assasination squad based out of Mexico City. Perhaps their most famous exploit was nearly exposed by the House Subcommittee on Assassinations in 1976, when Antonio Vesciana, leader of the exile terrorist group Alpha 66, claimed to have recieved $253,000 from an agent called Maurice Bishop (speculated to be intelligence super-move David Atlee Phillips, who would go on to achieve the unheard of intelligence clearence of GS 18, and headed the task force that likely presided over the excecution of Chilean Socialist President Salvador Allende) to enact a hit on Castro himself. Phillips was also an interesting character leaving behind an unpublished "novel" manuscript about a CIA officer in Mexico City in which he writes...
"I was one of those officers who handled Lee Harvey Oswald... We gave him the mission of killing Fidel Castro in Cuba... I don't know why he killed Kennedy. But I do know he used precisely the plan we had devised against Castro. Thus the CIA did not anticipate the president's assassination, but it was responsible for it. I share that guilt."
Regardless, Goss was a key agent in Operation 40, likely had a hand in the planning and excecution of The Bay of Pigs (in 2002, he told the Washington Post that he had done some "small boat handling" off Florida and had some "very interesting moments in the Florida straights.") Abruptly transfered to Europe, Goss collapsed with blood poisoning in his mod London hotel in 1970. Spun as a staph infection, much speculation has swirled as to what might have caused Goss to run afoul of Nixon and GHWB. The "infection" effectively ended Goss' active carreer. After "leaving the agency" (haha), Goss went on to make an easy fortune in Florida real estate and gradaully ascend the ranks in Washington. Clearly back on the team for the big win, Goss and Florida Senator Bob Graham had a cordial brekfast with General Mahmoud Ahmad, the head of Pakistan's ISI intelligence service on the morning of September 11th 2001. The ISI had up to that time effectively created the Taliban as a military-political entity and sheltered Al CIA-duh. In the severe news blackout that followed it took a French paper to report on the sketchy Islamabad brunch. Goss and Graham later became co-chairs of the Joint Inquiry into Intelligence failures on 911. This after, Goss angrily dismissed calls for an inquiry weeks after the event. They didn't turn up that much, so probably his initial inclination was right. The new spin on Goss' resignation is that his connection to disgraced agent Dusty Foggo and his alleged pimping for Congressmen at the Watergate Hotel (really, it's just a nice hotel...it's hard to get a good room in Washington) has un-manned him. Evidently, Foggo's bashes included lavish whores and booze for big contributors to Bush's 2004 re-election campaign, nicknamed The Pioneers. Well, maybe that's it. But if we think that these "parties" are just a bunch of Elks at a stag party drinking natty lite and waiting for the strippers to show up we are sadly naive, I fear. Think about that NPR show we all heard a few years ago. If you really want to plan a really illegal party you really have to go with the Agency that trades in the best drugs, sex slaves and discreet locales. As to the ultimate cause of Goss' sidelining it'll have to remain "just one of those mysteries."

Below, Operation 40 members pictured at a swank Mexico City nighclub in 1963. Goss 2nd from left, looking away.

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