Hypermodern International Congress 2175

Remember, it wasn't raining when Noah built the ark.


Donald Rumsfeld: Vanquished

Regrettably, he had more than enough time to do all manner of damage to the military, the United States's reputation abroad, and the nation of Iraq, but Rumsfeld has finally been removed from the political chessboard. If any fellow Hypermodernists are reading this, I propose that we form a party and travel to Washington with the intention of resurrecting an ancient custom of war: eating a conquered foe. We shall have a magnificent Rumsfeld buffet and gourmandize to our heart's delight, and in so doing we shall usurp our former enemy's strength (which, admittedly, has been at low ebb for quite some time). I, for one, will gnaw his bones with gusto, since I maintain that he played no small role in killing my chances of attending the World Cup in Germany this past summer. For anyone who wishes to embark with me on this glorious enterprise, the sign-up sheet is in the comments section.


Anxious White Boy Quote of the Hour

There's a man who looks like me
And talks like me
And acts like me
But that's where the similarities end

-Half Japanese

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